Application Timeline [For Round #1]

January – April (prior to fall matriculation to business school)

If you have not already taken the GMAT, then you should focus on preparing yourself for the test and taking it. Both the Princeton Review and Kaplan offer excellent GMAT preparation courses. However, if discipline is one of your attributes, purchase the materials and conduct a self-study.

Also, think about your post MBA career goals. Many MBA programs have specialties such as marketing, finance and operations. Therefore, the schools that gear themselves towards your targeted career path are worth visiting post successful completion of the GMAT. Also, reach out to students at your desired target schools in order to gain a clear perspective of whether the school is a terrific “fit”.

May – July

Complete the GMAT, and start visiting the schools. This will enable sole focus on applications and essays once the application process begins. Note: a GMAT score is necessary in order to apply to the top business schools.

If you fall short on the GMAT, prepare to retake it. By the way, most people who get into the top schools have taken the GMAT at least two times. The GMAT is a game that one can learn to play exceptionally well. Top schools like to see applicants in the 80+ percentile. However, the total score is the most important!

*Make sure that desired schools receive your GMAT scores.

August – October

In the beginning think about the following: your strengths, weaknesses, your pursuit of an MBA, and why certain schools. Business school essays tend to focus on these questions. Therefore, put lots of thought into these categories. Start making a list of recommenders to submit recommendation letters.

At this point, continue to visit the schools via the internet (school and student blogs), and in person. Continue to contact current students and graduates. This will help make your essays stronger.

By late September, each school should have their applications posted. Take a look at each school’s application forms, and note the deadlines in your calendar. Then, plan out a timeline that will enable the completion of each application in a timely matter. It is time to contact Next Level, LLC so that we can help construct a dynamic and compelling application packet. While filling out your application, simultaneously reach out to your recommenders and provide them with adequate materials (e.g. – resume, key projects worked on, goals, and deadlines) so that they can construct an appropriate recommendation in a timely manner.

Your application, including essays, should be complete and submitted by October to meet the round 1 deadline. Check with your recommenders to ensure that they have submitted their recommendations.

November – December

Schools will contact applicants for an interview. Prior to your interview, contact Next Level, LLC so that we can help with mock interview sessions.

Many schools will make their Round 1 decisions by late December (early January).

January – April

Rounds 2 & 3 – The timeline above can be shifted 1-3 months to the right for applicants focused on applying during the 2nd & 3rd rounds. 

Our advisors are here to help during each round.