Next Level Admissions Advisors consultants were crucial in my making the transition from Army Officer to Sr. Manager at a Fortune 100 Company. Their business credentials and expertise in the admissions process and unique perspective offers an environment for unique feedback personally tailored to each client and their individual experiences. My consultant kept me focused and on-schedule for deadlines while critiquing my submissions every step of the way.  The support they deliver in essay editing is unmatched.  My consultant helped me refine my story, advising me on the best aspects of effective written communication while not changing my own unique perspective and voice.  Through their effective management practices, I was always prepared for the next step in the admissions process, and with their help, I gained admission to 3 of the top 5 MBA programs in the United States.  I can’t say enough about how valuable the Next Level Admissions Advisors experience is to anyone applying to business school, especially for those coming from ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds.
-T. J. P.
University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Next Level Admissions Advisors bridged the gap between my desire to attend a top-tier business school and actually getting accepted to both the University of Chicago and Columbia Business schools.  They provided unique information tailored for my career goals and positioned me for numerous scholarship opportunities.  As a result of their consultation, I was awarded 3 scholarships and two fellowships!  Their experienced insight kept me months ahead of the power curve.  This is a truly remarkable group capable of helping people reach their goals.
-J. D. J.
Columbia Business School
Investment Banking Fellowship Recipient


Coming from a non-traditional background, I really had no clue how to structure my essays for success. However, the professionals at Next Level Admissions Advisors helped me craft a clear, concise, and cogent story that accurately reflected my past experiences and skill sets.  Also, their guidance and coaching throughout my admissions and fellowship interviews allowed me to articulately express myself with confidence and poise.  As a result, I was admitted to two top 10 business school with a full tuition scholarship.  Next Level was the best investment that I have ever made in my education.  I COULD NOT have done it without them!!
-J. V.
Top 5 Business School
Investment Banking Fellowship Winner


The professionals at Next Level Admissions Advisors helped me create my resume, essays, and application materials that ultimately led to me getting into several top 5 business schools and the Harvard Kennedy School simultaneously.  In fact, Next Level prepared me for all of my interviews, which ultimately helped me to secure a full scholarship to business school and an internship at a bulge bracket investment bank.  The team at Next Level is professional and diligent.  They really get to know each client individually.  I recommend Next Level Admissions Advisors without reservation!
Top 5 Business School
Harvard Kennedy School


Next Level Admissions Advisors served a vital role in my professional success. With their guidance I was able to successfully join Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), which gave me the opportunity to vie for top internships. Without Next Level Admissions Advisors I would not have had the proper preparation. Next Level provided mock interviews and gave me the inside track needed to have a leg up on the competition. Next Level Admissions Advisors has been a part of my life for many years. As a high school senior, Next Level exposed me to the world of Investment Banking. I spent a week with Omar Ritter learning his business inside and out. My professional successes are directly linked to the advice and counsel of Next Level Admissions Advisors.
-T. W.
Management Leadership for Tomorrow Alumni


Once I retired from competing as a professional athlete, I knew that I wanted to take on my next challenge of being successful in business. As a result, I started the application process for several top 5 MBA programs. Next Level Admissions Advisors helped me structure my essays in a way that really made my transition seem logical, and as a result my essays were excellent. The team at Next Level also coached me through the interview process, and I gained admission to several business schools. The schools also awarded me numerous fellowships and scholarships due to both my background and poise during the interviews. I recommend Next Level Admissions Advisors to anyone coming from a non-traditional background, they teach you how to “connect the dots” for admissions committees.
-L. S.
Top 5 Business School
Sales and Trading Fellow