Our Senior Consultants

O. Ritter, CPA

After graduating from West Point, Mr. Ritter earned a Bronze Star for valorous action as a light cavalry officer, and returned to West Point where he served on the Admissions Staff. During this opportunity, he traveled throughout the United States to both find and mentor diverse candidates for admission into West Point. It was during this experience that Mr. Ritter realized he had a knack for helping prospective students develop their full application packets to include resumes, essays and interviews.

Once admitted to Columbia Business School, where he was an inaugural Feldberg Fellow, Mr. Ritter continued his admissions work as a member of Columbia’s Hermes Society (student liaisons to the Admissions Office). As a member of the Hermes Society,  Mr. Ritter conducted numerous candidate interviews, and helped perspective students draft their “pitch” for admission to Columbia.

Post business school Mr. Ritter, a Certified Public Accountant, worked in investment banking & corporate mergers and acquisitions groups. He continues to both interview candidates for future roles while also helping candidates develop their “story”. Many leading business school students credit Mr. Ritter with helping them to gain admission to the best business schools that fit their needs.

T. Sayles

Ms. Sayles graduated with Honors from West Point, and spent six years on Active Duty in the U.S. Army where she specialized in personnel staffing, deployment readiness, and logistics. She earned the Meritorious Service Medal during her deployment overseas for coordinating the location assignments and transport of more than 50,000 soldiers in Iraq. During her tour, Ms. Sayles learned the importance of having an understanding of supply chain and logistics which began to fuel her interest in attending business school.

Once home from deployment, Ms. Sayles began her pursuit to attend a business school and applied to 5 tier one business school programs. She gained admission into each of the five schools and realized that she had a natural talent at crafting essays and telling her unique “story” in the interview. During her two years at Harvard Business School, Ms. Sayles served on multiple informational panels for prospective students aspiring to attend Harvard.  As a student, she also assisted ten acquaintances and former co-workers with their business school applications, helped them develop their own memorable “story”, and provided guidance on interview preparation.  Every person who she advised gained admission into their target school.

After graduating from Harvard Business School, Ms. Sayles continued her love of logistics management, and she has worked in operations at both privately held firms and Fortune 100 companies. She continues to coach and  assist business school applicants in achieving admission into their target schools and presenting their best self to the admissions board.