Our Process

1.) Send an email to info@nxtlvlusa.com, and one of our consultants will reach out to you within 24hrs for a FREE complimentary call.

2.) During our call we will discuss your work history,  focus schools, and where you are in the application process (30 minute discussion). The consultant will also disclose our service offerings.

3.) Once you are ready for Next Level Admissions Advisors to begin working on your documents, or interview preparation contact your consultant.



Service Fees

1.) Feedback and corrections to key application segments (resumes and recommendation letters): $100

2.) Review of your first draft of up to five Business School Essays (includes a 1 hour telephone counseling session): $250

3.) Later draft of the same essays (includes 30 minute telephone counseling session): $100

4.) Interview preparation session for both Business School and Finance interviews (1 hour via phone): $125

5.) All inclusive option; includes corrections to key application segments, essays, and interview preparation + 4 hours of telephone counseling [Next Level Admissions Advisors gears this option towards putting together your entire application packet]: $800