An MBA Candidate

Four Things a Business School Candidate Must Demonstrate to Gain Admission to a Top Business School:

1.) Work Experience – Most business schools like to see at least 3 years of solid work experience. You should lay your work accomplishments out very clearly on your resume. It is also helpful to receive a letter of recommendation from a former employer that supports your resume and work accomplishments.

2.) Academics / GMAT – Both your grades and test scores need to demonstrate your academic ability. Most candidates have undergraduate GPAs of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. However, there are many ways that you can go about demonstrating your academic prowess post your undergraduate education (taking additional college courses, receiving a CPA or CFA certification, or obtaining additional degrees). MBA candidates must also score well on the GMAT. An average score is above the 80th percentile (However, Next Level Admissions Advisors has helped clients gain admission to top business schools who fell below the average score on the GMAT). The bottom line is that you must demonstrate to admissions officers that you can handle the demanding academics of business school.

3.) Resume, Essays, and Total Application – All of the qualities listed on paper must add up to the type of candidate that the school you are interested in wants to admit. You must pay special attention to what each of these items say about your character, short-term goals, and post business school aspirations. Do your recommenders say you are a hard worker, and a team player? What are you interested in, and how do you plan on making an impact in the world? It is your job to tell a story so that admissions committees can understand who you are. Therefore, everything you submit must convey the very best “you”.

4.) Interview – The fourth and final hurdle is the interview. Never turn down the opportunity to interview! It is the one chance you have to help the admissions officers really understand who you are, and how you plan to make an impact during and after business school. They really want to know whether you will be an asset or liability to the program. If they see you as an asset, your chances for admission are much higher.

Our advisors are here to help you through every step in the application process. All of our consultants have Admissions committee experience from top schools!