Investment Banking Interview Preparation

Here is the truth: Investment banking interviews are well-known to be the hardest and most technical interviews in finance. Without being properly prepared beforehand, you will surely walk in and bomb the interview.

Traditionally there are two routes you can take to prepare:

1.) Do a live two-day boot-camp in New York: These boot camps often cost $600 (or more) just for the class, not including airfare and hotel. More importantly the class will not focus on you. There will be numerous others attending the course as well so the materials are “general” information.

2.) Purchase an Investment Banking Interview Guide: The problem with this method is that you don’t receive feedback for your answers. The guide also contains typical answers that are not specific to your background.

For a fraction of the cost of the boot-camp the professionals at Next Level Admissions Advisors (who have both Bulge Bracket Investment Banking & Corporate M&A experience) will tailor an interview preparation program suited for you. Our consultants will get to know your story, and take you through several mock investment banking interview sessions. Blindly walking into an interview without adequate preparation is a sure way to strike out.


We will make sure you are prepared for the interview!