Do you guarantee business school admission?
We have a 98% success rate in helping clients gain admission into one of their target schools.  We do not make guarantees, but we have an excellent track record!  Clients that take our essay and interview advice seriously, put maximum effort into selecting their recommenders, and listen to our tips on assembling their application packets significantly increase their chances of acceptance.

What type of client would benefit from this service?
The client who would most benefit from utilizing the consulting services of Next Level Admissions Advisors is someone who had made the decision to apply to business school and has a specific list of schools he/she would like to attend. Additionally, this client would have a general idea of the contents of “their story” but needs expert guidance in crafting, editing, and telling this story in order to appear more appealing to admissions officers and differentiate our client from the thousands of other business school applicants. The client should have either taken the GMAT or began preparations for taking the test and have at least 3 months until the application deadline date.

How far in advance should a candidate begin the business school application process?
We recommend that applicants begin GMAT preparation, identifying recommenders, school visits, etc. at least 6 months prior to the business school application round in which the applicant seeks to apply.

What business school programs do you help students prepare for?
Each of the advisors attended a top-tier (ranked top 5 in US) business school. While we specialize in assisting clients gain admissions into one of these MBA programs, we also provide services to applicants who are aspiring to attend any MBA program.

What is included in the initial free consultation call?
A 30 minute phone conversation to discuss client’s desired MBA programs, background information, proposed post MBA career field, and services available to help tailor each candidate’s admission packet to their school of choice. During the initial call, both parties will determine the required services needed and how Next Level Admissions Advisors can help the client achieve their goals.

Is there a refund policy?
After the initial free consultation, Next Level Admissions Advisors will offer a 7 day grace period once payment is received in which the applicant may opt to add additional services, remove services, or cancel the service package. If the client chooses to cancel the package within the 7 day grace period, any payment made will be refunded minus a 5% processing fee on price of the total payment. After the 7 day grace period, no refunds will be issued.

Do you help with GMAT preparation?
No. We do not currently specialize in GMAT preparation or tutoring. We do specialize in the application, essay, resume, interview process and overall strategy for gaining admission into a top MBA Program.

Do you perform services in person?
It depends on the location of the candidate.  Our consultants are primarily located in the Northeast, and we match each candidate with the best advisor that meets their needs without regard of geographic location.  Meetings in person may not be a possibility.

Why aren’t the names of the advisors published on the site?
Our advisors are independent consultants who also sit on boards, are leaders in major firms, and whose time is very valuable. We will only contact an advisor once an applicant is identified and matched with the advisor whose area of expertise best fits the needs of the applicant. One paired, the applicant will have many opportunities to learn more about their advisor.

How are you different from other MBA Admissions Consultants?
Next Level Admissions Advisors provide applicants with an individualized, tailored approach that is unique to the specific needs of the applicant. Each applicant is paired with a member from our team of advisors or multiple advisors that best fits the desired industry, school specific strategy, and background of the candidate. Our advisors have a wide range of business backgrounds, experience in MBA Admissions, graduate degrees from top institutions (to include Ivy League MBAs), cross-cultural understanding, and a global network of resources. Our advisors are also not afraid to critique you and have an open discussion of both your positives and negatives. We are not “Yes” men or women, and we plan on doing our job of making you a better applicant and your application stronger by giving honest feedback.